[1968 — Richard M. Nixon and family]

Fellow American:

I ask for your help.
Personal contacts are the most effective means of winning an election.
To this end I have done my very best in this campaign. Now, in the closing hours, will you carry forward and speak with your friends and neighbors on behalf of our ticket.
To insure victory will you take four voters who share our goals to the polls on November 5th.
I thank you for this extra effort.

Richard Nixon

L-R in the photo: Tricia Nixon, Pat Nixon, David Eisenhower, Julie Nixon, and Richard M. Nixon. David Eisenhower and Julie Nixon married on December 22, 1968, about six weeks after the election.


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The Postcard Museum

A collection of my favorite postcards, along with reference and historical information about postcards.

The cards generally fall into one of the following themes:

-- Theodore Roosevelt
-- Boston, MA
-- Rockland, MA
-- Burlington, VT
-- New York, NY (particularly Brooklyn)
-- Public High Schools
-- Law-Related Buildings
-- Computer-Related
-- Baseball
-- 1963

Occasionally, I will also include cards that I find significant or amusing.


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